Ju'Wann Jones - NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club Vice President

NCCU Sound Machine
Alumni Band Association

The North Carolina Central University Marching Sound Machine Alumni Association is a service subsidiary and standing committee of the NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club. The Association was organized to provide volunteer service and support to the current NCCU Division of Bands. We have enumerated four specific goals regarding how we intend to support the current and future generations of the NCCU band community: (1) Encourage respect for the high standards of excellence expected for the NCCU band program to maintain; (2) Promote goodwill and fellowship among current students, former band members, fans and friends or the NCCU band program; (3) Stimulate interest regarding the NCCU band program among qualified potential NCCU students; (4) Participate actively in preserving the history, tradition and "esprit de corps" of the NCCU Division of Bands.