Marilyn M. Clements, President of the Sound Machine Booster Club

The North Carolina Central University Sound Machine Booster Club was organized as a non-profit service subsidiary of the Durham Chapter, NCCU Alumni Association on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, August 11, 1999, under former NCCU Director of Bands Robyn L. Reaves, to provide voluntary support services and assistance to the students and staff of the NCCU "Sound Machine" Division of Bands. We respectfully invite you to join us and become one of us as a member! 


SMBC Officers

  • President - Marilyn M. Clements
  • Vice President - Ju' Wann Jones
  • Recording Secretary - Roy Ector II
  • Treasurer - Karimah Bennett
  • Corresponding Secretary -  Elaine Laws
  • Parliamentarian - Norris Burton
  • Membership Chairperson - Grace Wilson
  • Executive Advisory Board Chairman - Dennis W. Ellis

Our Purpose And Mission

  • Generate volunteer alumni support and financial  services to assist the NCCU Division of Bands
  • Promote and assist in the appropriate recruitment of excellent talented student musicians to enroll at NCCU
  • Assist in the creation and development of appropriate scholarship funding for the NCCU Division of Bands
  • Encourage, advocate and generate local and national fan support and enthusiasm for the growth and development of the NCCU Division of Bands

SMBC Committees & Coordinators

  • Alumni Band / "Band Blast" - Ju' Wann Jones
  • Membership - Grace Wilson
  • Volunteer Band Staff - Marilyn M. Clements
  • Hospitality Liaison - Elaine Laws
  • Equipment Coordinator - Dennis W. Ellis
  • Gospel Explosion - Elecia Ridley Brown
  • Hospitality / Concession sales - Norris Burton
  • Public Relations Liaison / Fundraising - Roy Ector II
  • "Under An Eagle's Wing" Mentoring Program - Ju' Wann Jones
  • Booster's Voice Newsletter - Ju' Wann Jones
  • Webmaster / Photography & Video Services -  Dennis W. Ellis