NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club


NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club
Post Office Box 72212 - Durham, North Carolina 27722

Your donations help to finance badly needed bottled water, food on bus trips and other SMBC volunteer staff equipment needs, that help support the NCCU Division of Bands during performances (home and on the road). Your donations will assist the SMBC in funding the NCCU Marching Sound Machine's annual "Band Blast", annual "Awards Banquet" and annual "Band Ball". Your generous donations also help to assist the SMBC in providing student scholarships and sponsor social and recruitment events contributing to the growth and development of the NCCU Division of Bands.


*Note credit card donation instructions designated for the Sound Machine Booster Club's account on the NCCU Foundation website. Look for the designate my gift pull-down section and click other. In the additional gift designation section, type in Sound Machine Booster Club (SMBC). If you prefer to write a check, please address the check to the NCCU Foundation and write Sound Machine Booster Club (SMBC) on the check's MEMO line.

Enter Any Donation Amount Below for the support of the Band Is Greatly Appreciated!

Enter $10.00 Band Donation Below on the 10th of Each Month Is Greatly Appreciated!

Donate "$10.00 On The 10th" of Each Month

It is our goal to inspire 10,000 NCCU Eagle Alumni, Fans and Friends of the Band to contribute $10.00 per month towards the general annual operations budget of the NCCU Marching Sound Machine. Your $10.00 monthly donation will go a very long way in helping us to raise the projected $50,000 needed annually to help offset the current NCCU Division of Bands budget cuts.

Annual Crystal Basic SMBC Membership - $75.00 - Your annual donation includes a Level I gratuity gift souvenir.

Annual Band Wagon Patron SMBC Membership - $150.00 - Your annual donation includes a Level II gratuity gift souvenir.

 Annual Diamond Patron SMBC Membership - $250.00 - Your annual donation includes a Level III gratuity gift souvenir.

Annual Maroon & Gray Patron SMBC Membership - $500.00  - Your annual donation includes a Level IV gratuity gift souvenir.

Platinum Life Patron SMBC Membership - $1,000.00 - Your lifetime  donation includes a Level V gratuity gift souvenir.

Annual Student SMBC Membership - $15.00 - Your annual donation includes a gratuity gift souvenir.



 Annual Gospel Explosion Concert Tickets - $10.59 (Includes Handling Fee)

Annual Sound Machine Alumni Band Association Membership Dues - $75.00 (Includes Alumni Band T-shirt)